Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attach my existing technologies to Devicify?


If your needs evolve and you need specialty technology such as analytics, device platform or rules engines, they can inherit Devicify's business context, performing the right functions at the right time for the right people.

Can I customize interfaces for my different types of users?


Using the UI builder included with Devicify (or your own) you can fully brand and customize the operating logic so each user gets a dynamic user experience based on their relationship to the products.

Do I need to use specific hardware or software to use Devicify?

No way,

Devicify is device and protocol agnostic. We have agents or SDKs available but can support REST services, fully custom protocols or pre-configured connections with hardware partners.

What's included?

More than usual,

Hosted business environment, modelling and management features, extensible data model, rules engine, data store, hosted device environment and UI builder.

Our commitment to your success.

Can Devicify support sensors I'm retrofitting?

As easily as if they were new.

Our modelling features work the same whether you are creating devices by producing them or purchasing them. The result is still a connected device with a collection of features you control.

How long does it take to get started?

Less time than you think.

Devicify encourages customers to start small and expand over time. Our model pre-positions you for enterprise success, so you can start learning sooner without the risk of limiting future options.