Devicify can orchestrate your business and technology ecosystem to generate higher returns by creating complements where there would otherwise be fragmentation. Consider how our partners below might complement your own solution.


SFDC Ecosystem

Devicify is built for the Salesforce platform and available on the AppExchange; after all, you trust Salesforce with your customers, why not your products? With an ecosystem of thousands of apps, you’ll be able to seamlessly IoT-enable any of them using Devicify’s common language between business processes and products.



They come in an increasing variety of sizes and shapes. They build interfaces, connect to devices, store data, run analytics, process events and many other important functions. Because Devicify is itself an open platform, you can build upon its internal capabilities with a platform you choose, need or already have. Devicify will business-enable it to achieve more value out of your technology stack.



ThingWorx is a platform used to rapidly build applications and can be included with Devicify. Devicify records automatically become available in ThingWorx, so you develop even more rapidly.

iMonnit is a platform monitoring service available for the Monnit wireless sensor network, making it easy to collect and accumulate data.


Sensors & Gateways

Use cases at the edge, and therefore hardware requirements, vary widely. Devicify is agnostic across products, protocols and pathways, so it supports product innovation even it the product wasn’t born “smart”. By accommodating custom solutions as easily as purchased sensors and gateways, you can build new or retrofit prior products with new capabilities.

Sierra Monitor Corporation addresses the facilities management market with IIoT solutions including the company’s FieldServer brand of protocol gateways support over 140 protocols.

Libelium delivers wireless sensor networks for the IoT, M2M and Smart Cities. From the hardware to the software APIs, Libelium enables reliable solutions with minimum time to market.

Monnit is a global leader in turnkey, self-installing, low cost wireless sensor solutions targeted at a variety of applications in the commercial, industrial and consumer markets.

HMS Industrial Networks designs and manufactures software and hardware for industrial cloud connectivity. Products provide processing power at the edge and backhaul for all major networks .


Business Applications

Allowing your existing traditional business systems to interact with connected products will unlock tremendous value when products become extensions of our typical workflows. Devicify structures product behavior and capabilities in the language of business so those interactions become easier and more pervasive.


ServiceMax is the field service management solution for a new era of mobile business, ensuring customers of all sizes deliver flawless field service, IoT-enabled by Devicify.

AscentERP is a leading cloud ERP solution, supporting complex business processes. AscentERP delivers the warehouse, production floor, and through Devicify, the remote product.

USDM focuses exclusively on the regulated life science and healthcare industries and provides UDI Connect, an FDA validation App that can track remote product behavior through Devicify.


System Integrators (SI)

The IoT will force unprecedented organizational and business model change on us, requiring new ways of competing and doing business. In response, or anticipation, this will require that we retool our business systems and processes for a connected world.



Acumen is a global consultancy serving Fortune 500 companies. Their IoT practice can help you navigate the journey to becoming a connected company.

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