Be the Disruptor, Not the Disrupted

Devicify addresses business objectives upfront to establish and maintain alignment with edge technologies, eliminating process barriers. This alignment of products and processes lets you harnesses the resulting explosion of devices and data without becoming paralyzed by it. Products can be consistently and predictably incorporated into relevant applications, processes and transactions. The improved organizational agility will help you adapt your business model more freely to capitalize on more opportunities, more quickly.

There’s no lightbulb that goes off when you connect your first product but it does start to get brighter.

Sell, Service, Compete at the speed of IoT

Companies must figure out how to add information value to their products to prevent being commoditized or even 3D printed away.

The expectation of “more, better, faster” is driving competitive and buying decisions. Devicify can accelerate your efforts so your business, not a competitor’s, gets the head start. You’ll sell more, more often, more easily with a more differentiated offering. You’ll even unlock a larger opportunity more quickly because Devicify supports retrofitting sensors to today’s existing products as easily as it supports connecting tomorrow’s new more sophisticated products.

Usage-based Marketing Bonanza

Using CRM as the foundation for access control and permissions allows Devicify to easily relate usage patterns and events with people. Devicify can detect these real world events in a way that makes them relevant to your marketing campaigns so this combined context can further enhance customer experience and sales. The resulting engineered marketing automation could be the biggest opportunity for marketers since the printing press.

We will experience tremendous changes when the effects of IoT turn our lives and businesses from a series of best guesses into known outcomes.

Maximize your Return on Connectivity®

Don’t limit your potential by experimenting with a system design that opens security holes or creates upkeep nightmares.

Devicify minimizes technical, financial and execution risk, providing maximum opportunity to monetize your IoT capabilities. In addition to transaction-based activation of premium features, devices will even understand what to do when a subscription expires or an invoice goes unpaid, preventing revenue leaks while making new, recurring revenue streams more achievable.

Transforms products into software®

IoT dissolves the separation of product design and business design, requiring a new way to define products and services. Devicify’s unifying architectural platform and elements such as the Bill of Functionality® make it easy for an IoT business to align business objectives with product function. Traditional inventory or catalog item records will now control actual product functionality. Devicify’s method of digitizing this functionality of physical products allows an unparalleled level of interoperability between business systems and the physical world.

Only software can support our increasing expectations for immediate gratification and insights – unconnected products can’t deliver and will struggle to survive.