We Know What It’s Like

While Devicify is a software company, it emerged from the experiences of a product OEM that transformed its business over the course of a decade by leveraging IoT (before it was IoT). That pioneering experience turned what was as a seller of hardware into one of the vanguard of connected companies that learned how to capitalize on IoT by building information-based subscriptions around physical products.

This experience 1) identified the need to incorporate connected products into the business systems, 2) resulted in the realization that doing so was much harder than connecting the products in the first place, 3) finally uncovered the best way to achieve that union, and 4) established a broad understanding of the various hardware, software and strategy pieces needed in an IoT initiative. Most importantly, the experience was the catalyst for Scott Johnson, Devicify’s founder and CEO, to establish Devicify; it was another unfair advantage we had in assisting other companies that would soon have to take a similar journey.

IoT Philosophy

Devicify believes the most common IoT strategies, those that begin bottom up from the “thing”, are backwards and inherently disadvantaged. While the misdirection is understandable (Internet of Things after all), some of the most important decisions get delayed until it is too late to properly address them. Instead, Devicify advocates a business first, product second philosophy supported with functionality ensuring a top down approach that begins with those key business decisions. The outcome is enhanced value for both the product and the business.


Scott Johnson CEO & Founder of Devicify

Scott has experienced the impact of the Internet of Things on business firsthand as he transformed a product manufacturer into a solution provider by developing and executing a connected product strategy. The resulting insights into the pivotal nature of connectivity on strategy, and the tactical obstacles that must be overcome, have been embodied in Devicify, providing tools to rethink, redesign and reimagine products in a connected world. Always thinking outside the box, Scott is focused intensely on leveraging connectivity as a means to simultaneously deliver a better economic, social, and environmental bottom line. Scott holds a BS in Economics and MBA from The Pennsylvania State University.

Chris Zyla VP of Sales

Chris leverages his 20+ years of enterprise software experience in delighting customers with valuable solutions to deliver great results. Always customer focused, Chris’ experience includes consulting, sales and management experience at companies such as Oracle, SAP, and FinancialForce.com. Chris holds a BS in Finance from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Jason Geiger Chief Technical Officer

Jason brings over 15 years development and architecture experience to Devicify, specifically in the areas of telemetry, M2M and IoT platform technologies. Ever focused on the importance of technical design, Jason seeks to improve the experience of products, systems and organizations with technology serving as the foundation. Jason holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.


Ken Forster

Connected Industry veteran building ‘connected’ products, services and businesses for over 25 years with senior leadership roles at ThingWorx, Syngenta, Coca-Cola and Philip Morris. He co-founded three industrial automation companies and was an early leader in open architecture control systems. Ken resides in Switzerland and maintains an office in the 'cloud'.

Tom Gilley

Tom is a Connected Industry entrepreneur and thought-leader, having created billions in exit value across ubiquitous computing (M2M/IoT), mobile technologies, digital media and social computing. Tom was most recently the CEO of WOT.IO, the first data service exchange for the IoT. Prior he was CTO of Critical Media, the worlds largest broadcast media listening platform; CTO of Vignette, helping them exit to OpenText; founder of a Silicon Valley Incubator; Principal in Apple’s Advanced Technology Group.

Join the Team

We are always on the lookout for people who enjoy contributing within a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment. Special consideration is given to those who want to change the world for the better. The atmosphere is casual, but the expectations are high. If you don’t embrace change then this isn’t the place for you. Our compensation packages are competitive and we are an equal opportunity employer. To find out what positions are currently available, please contact us or email careers@devicify.net.